Human Trust Protocol

Billions of users on the Internet interact with each other every day on messengers, online communities, social networks and peer-to-peer marketplaces, making contact with people they never met let alone trust.


Eric Ly

Eric Ly

Founder, CEO

Co-founder, LinkedIn; four-time co-founder of internet companies; Stanford, MIT

Rich Miller

Rich Miller


Architect & technology strategist; security, messaging technologies, cloud computing and big data; EVP, General Magic; Stanford

Miko Matsumara

Miko Matsumara


Co-founder, Evercoin; LP, Pantera Capital; VP Marketing, Software AG; Chief Java Evangelist, Sun; U. of Michigan, Yale

Trust leads to greater economic value

By securing trust and decentralizing reputation data on a blockchain, the Internet will offer greater economic value to users to gain more opportunities, command higher premiums for their products and services, and get more cooperation from others.

Earn trust through interactions

The Hub token lets users earn trust as a result of successful interactions. Selecting from a growing library of smart contracts for user interactions to transactions, users “stake” their success with tokens and build their reputation as the basis for trust.

Portable, verifiable, owned by you

Portable across applications, verifiable with interaction histories, reputation data will be self-sovereign to you. You control how it is accessed by applications and communities. Trust becomes a “prediction market for human behavior”.

Use Cases

The Human Trust Protocol has the potential to benefit every user on the Internet who engages with other users online.

Messengers and Online Communities

Reputation and trust results from understanding everyday interactions in messaging, group chats and online forums. Trust among users is increased, and it becomes possible to recognize the experts and influencers as a result of their contribution.

Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces

Transactions between sellers and buyers of products and services can be rated, reviewed and their outcomes tracked. This reputation history conveys the trustworthiness of sellers and even the reliability of buyers.

Social Networks

By associating posts, sponsored updates, and marketing messages reactions and activity from users and companies, trustworthy sources of content are surfaced, and the authenticity of information can be known.



I'm excited to see a decentralized approach to trust and a token economy built around it. At Facebook, we knew that fostering trust was essential to the platform's success. With decentralized applications of the future, what Hub is doing will create enormous value.

Greg Badros

Former Facebook VP Products and Engineering

The idea is so clear and immediately obvious — so many use cases for such a decentralized trust protocol.

Adi Sideman

CEO at YouNow

Hub App

Introducing the Hub app, a professional network where users connect in communities and marketplaces. The app integrates with the Human Trust Protocol to deliver an unprecedented level of trustworthy engagement and opportunity.

Available Q4.

For Developers

Contribute & mine tokens

Develop new interactions

Users will want to build their trust in many different domains and applications. Join the community and mine tokens by publishing tasks that users will use while earning their reputation at the same time.

GitHub project

Access the Hub GitHub project to look at code samples, participate in the community, develop tasks, and earn Hub tokens.


Blockchain Developer

Are you passionate about the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and are excited to usher in a new world of possibilities using this technology? We’re looking for a blockchain developer to help architect and implement a public and decentralized blockchain to bring this technology to the mainstream. This developer will work on blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and wallets. Command of the latest blockchain technologies and cryptographic techniques is required.

Server Engineer

We’re seeking a full-stack engineer with a passion for Ruby on Rails and/or Node.js server architecture with experience in developing highly scalable systems. Experience with web API design using JSON, database experience with at least MySQL (and preferably NoSQL) is required. Messaging infrastructure technology such as the Signal Protocol, WebRTC, and peer-to-peer architectures is highly desired. You will be responsible for deriving actionable ideas, architecting major features, creating high-quality implementations to working on devops.

Front-End Web Engineer

Do you have solid web development skills and an intuition for good design and experience shipping world-class, simple user experiences? We’re looking for a front-end web engineer who will participate in architecting front-end experiences and translating them into high-quality, maintainable implementations. Familiarity with React, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and responsive web design is a must. You also have a good intuition for good UX and experience implementing analytics. Graphic design ability is a plus.

iOS Engineer

Are you an engineer-artist who understands great user experiences and user interfaces? We’re looking for an experienced iOS engineer to create world-class iOS apps. Experience with Apple SDKs for iOS development is required, as well as experience with offline storage, threading and performance tuning. You should be familiar with popular libraries such as Realm, Firebase, Crashlytics, and JSON object mappers. Experience with cryptographic libraries is a plus. You also have good intuition and passion for feature ideas for messaging apps and social networks that will delight users.

Android Engineer

We’re seeking a developer with excellent knowledge of the Android framework with a passion for creating beautifully-designed user experiences. Experience with Android UI design principles as well as RESTful APIs, multi-threading framework, local storage technologies (NoSQL, relational DBs), thread, performance tuning, and industry-standard third-party libraries are required. Experience with Kotlin and cryptographic libraries are a plus. You’ll design major features, build them, and be responsible for turning complicated systems into simple-to-use experiences for users.

Developer Community Manager

Be the important connection between us and the developer community to help guide the successful development of a world-changing protocol. You will be responsible for sharing updates with the community, organizing third-party feedback for the team, and in general, engaging the community to create productive and constructive dialog. You must have a self-starter attitude and be creative in looking for ways to engage developers. Technical understanding of blockchain and related concepts and great written and communication skills are a must.

These are full-time positions. Certain positions are only available in our Silicon Valley office. Other positions can be remote. We are not seeking interns at this time. If you are interested to apply, email us at No recruiters please.

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