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Human Trust Protocol

Billions of users on the Internet interact with each other every day on messengers, online communities, social networks and peer-to-peer marketplaces, making contact with people they never met let alone trust.



Eric Ly

Eric Ly

Founder, CEO

Co-founder, LinkedIn; four-time co-founder of internet companies; Stanford, MIT

Rich Miller

Rich Miller


Executive Vice President, General Magic; Architect & technology strategist; security, messaging technologies, cloud computing and big data; Stanford

Kyle Wang

Kyle Wang

Head of Business Development

Venture Investor at Coinbar; Sr. Consultant at IBM Blockchain and Sales Tiger Team; Penn State University

Mike Prince

Mike Prince

Software Developer

Founder,; CEO/Founder of Mobido, Tempo AI (sold to Salesforce); YumYum Labs (sold to Cookpad); Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Arun Anjay Anantha Padmanabhan

Arun Anjay Anantha Padmanabhan

Software Developer

Software Engineer, Presdo; Developer, Treo Solutions; Rochester Institute of Technology, Anna University

Miko Matsumura

Miko Matsumura

Marketing Advisor

General Partner at Gumi Cryptos, Cofounder, Evercoin Exchange; Chief Java Evangelist, Sun; U. of Michigan, Yale

Nikolai Oreshkin

Nikolai Oreshkin

Chief Advisor

Managing Partner at Elysium Venture Capital; Founder of one of first ISPs in Belarus; Stanford, Belarusian State University


Josh Elman

Josh Elman

Vice President, Robinhood, Partner, Greylock Partners, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

Bo Shen

Bo Shen

Founder, Fenbushi Capital & GF Network

Keith Teare

Keith Teare

TechCrunch founding team, Founder & Executive Chairman, Accelerated Digital Ventures

Will O’Brien

Will O'Brien

CEO & Co-Founder, BitGo, LP & Senior Strategic Advisor, Blockchain Capital

Howie Xu

Howie Xu

CEO/Co-founder TrustPath, EIR of Greylock Partners, VP of BSN, Cisco, VMware, Stanford

Samuel Smith

Samuel Smith

Chief Architect, ConsenSys Reputation AI Systems, Reputation Spoke Founder & Board Member, Sovrin

Trust leads to greater economic value

By securing trust and decentralizing reputation data on a blockchain, the Internet will offer greater economic value to users to gain more opportunities, command higher premiums for their products and services, and get more cooperation from others.

Earn trust through interactions

The Hub token lets users earn trust as a result of successful interactions. Selecting from a growing library of smart contracts for user interactions to transactions, users “stake” their success with tokens and build their reputation as the basis for trust.

Portable, verifiable, owned by you

Portable across applications, verifiable with interaction histories, reputation data will be self-sovereign to you. You control how it is accessed by applications and communities. Trust becomes a “prediction market for human behavior”.


Fenbushi Digital
Data Collective
Node Capital
Youbi Capital
Legend Capital
Sway Ventures
Pre Angel
Elysium Ventures
LD Capital
Hash Capital
UniValues Associates
ULU Ventures
IMO Ventures
Broad Harvest
NOC Ventures
Long Crypto Group
Dynamic Fintech Group


CG Blockchain

Use Cases

The Human Trust Protocol has the potential to benefit every user on the Internet who engages with other users online.

Sharing Economy & Marketplaces

Results of transactions between buyers and sellers convey the trustworthiness of participants

Social Networks & Messengers

Everyday interactions in messaging and forums enables trustworthiness of users and content to be better understood


Credit scoring for lending and risk assessment for insurance are measures of trustworthiness


Trust and reputation have been integral to the internet ever since the first days of eBay and LinkedIn. I'm excited about the opportunities that can emerge from this decentralized trust protocol.

Josh Elman

Partner at Greylock; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

We're excited to work with Hub to bring more trust and transparency to the blockchain startup landscape.

Jager McConnell

CEO of Crunchbase

At Facebook, we knew that fostering trust was essential to the platform's success. What Hub is doing will create enormous value. I'm excited to see a decentralized approach to trust and a token economy built around it

Greg Badros

Former Facebook VP Products and Engineering

We look forward to working with a team that shares our focus on identity and trust in the digital age.

Vinny Lingham

CEO of Civic

ICOHub - reputation system for ICO marketplace

Hub partners with Crunchbase to deliver ICOHub, a reputation system for the ICO marketplace enabled by HTP. This service brings more trust and transparency to ICOs while rewarding you for correctly endorsing the trustworthiness and success of ICO projects.

Hub App

Introducing the Hub app, a professional network where users connect in communities and marketplaces. The app integrates with the Human Trust Protocol to deliver an unprecedented level of trustworthy engagement and opportunity.

Available Q4.

For Developers

Contribute & mine tokens

Develop new interactions

Users will want to build their trust in many different domains and applications. Join the community and mine tokens by publishing tasks that users will use while earning their reputation at the same time.

GitHub project

Access the Hub GitHub project to look at code samples, participate in the community, develop tasks, and earn Hub tokens.


Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer to join our growing Engineering team and build out the next generation Group App for Professional Communities. The ideal candidate will have significant experience in developing scalable applications. We’re looking for someone who is interested in building social networking and messaging solutions. Apply here

iOS Engineer

Do you have solid mobile development skills and an intuition for good design and experience shipping world-class, simple user experiences? We’re looking for an iOS engineer who will participate in architecting front-end mobile experiences and translating them into high-quality, maintainable implementations. Expertise in Swift, Objective-C, and Xcode is a must. You also have a good intuition for good UX and experience in implementing analytics. Apply here

Blockchain Developer

We’re looking for a Blockchain Developer to help architect and implement a public and decentralized blockchain to bring this technology to the mainstream. This developer will work on blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and wallets. Command of the latest blockchain technologies and cryptographic techniques is required. Apply here

These are full-time positions. Certain positions are only available in our Silicon Valley office. Other positions can be remote. We are not seeking interns at this time.

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